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Freeride Passport

Freeride Passport

Seeing freeriding evolve from an exclusive endeavour undertaken only by experienced riders to a more structural part of skiing and snowboarding by a growing number of riders, wePowder realized there would be growing need for a methodical and standardized way to describe freeride skills. We tried to solve with the freeride passport.

With the passport, we tried to map six essential aspects of freeriding and make riders aware of their own skill level. This not only would make for a better risk assessment and added safety in the backcountry, but would also give riders a solid insight into areas where they might improve their skills. In essence, the freeride passport offers a flexible tool that can be used to achieve multiple goals. Among others, the passport could be used to improve safety self-awareness among freeriders, speed up skill development by making it more visible and/or playful for riders, set a quality standard for service providers, create valuable consumer segments and match riders, routes, materials and service providers.

The passport has been developed in joint cooperation with UIAGM guides, service providers and freeriders. It is currently in beta and set to re-launch next year as a free and open service. During my time at wePowder, I was responsible for the concept and development of the freeride passport. This included developing a digital self-assessment tool and structurally ensuring the service could be free and open.


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