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wePowder guide

wePowder guide

The wePowder guide was the world’s first weather-based resort guide. The 250+ page guide combined wePowder’s own powder forecast with an in-depth review of 9 weather regions and 129 resorts in the European Alps to help our readers find the best snow conditions. It was designed by Totenmetontwerpen.

Our goal was to create a guide that fitted our own needs (and those of our friends) better than any other resort-guide on the market. Following a surfer’s approach (be at the right place, at the right time) we developed the entire concept covering multiple channels in order to combine the best features of print, online and eventually also mobile. Without any significant marketing budget, we decided to publish guide in a limited edition. And to generate some extra buzz, we used a ‘mafia-style’ invitation model, where only existing guide-owners could invite a selected number of friends that could also buy the guide. This resulted in our project breaking even in just two days and formed the core of a very tight-knit community, which is still growing and very active to this day.

I have been involved in almost all aspects of the guide during its life cycle. This includes concept development, content production, editorial management, project management, distribution and planning. Also, I developed the content management system that was used to insert and edit all resort content. This system would later transform into the core of the wePowder platform.


Key activities

Concept, digital content management & editorial

Technology involved

PHP, Mysql, CakePhp