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wePowder Lines desktop app

wePowder Lines desktop app

wePowder Lines is a desktop application that runs on Windows, OSX and Linux. It was built on top of the wePowder platform and developed in collaboration with Frismedia.

Our goal was to create an additional channel where our users could interact with each other in real time, without actively having to visit the site, but just by turning on their computer. Also, having the ability to run in the background, Lines would enable us to engage with our users directly at all times. Finally, the more advanced desktop interface allowed us to improve our functionality (e.g. add a map-based route editor, visually improved local weather reports, etc). Lines was initially launched in the Netherlands, exclusively for our paying members. After a year, we decided to roll out Lines internationally for free.

During my time at wePowder, I was responsible for the product management, backend development and overall quality control of Lines, making sure the application connected properly through our API and working closely with a small team of external frontend developers and designers.


Key activities

Product management & backend development

Technology involved

Adobe Air, PHP, MySql, SOAP

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