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As co-founder and CTO of wePowder, I have been responsible for the transformation of a small, local community of friends into a fully integrated, location aware and real time platform for freeride skiers and snowboarders in search of powder snow across the globe. In a short period of time, this platform has allowed wePowder to become the leading player in their home-market through a range of print and digital products, grassroots events and a highly vibrant community. Following our growth in the Benelux, we expanded internationally into Europe and North America.

Our tech strategy was focused on lowering the costs of development and distribution, automating parts of our content production and increasing overall scalability. By implementing this strategy, we have been able to grow rapidly to tens of thousands registered users world wide, actively sharing real-time status updates, local weather reports and other rich content. It also enabled us to partner with leading global brands in the outdoor market to successfully develop a variety of brand utilities on top of our platform.

I have been responsible for all things digital at wePowder, most noticeably the product management of our core platform that connects users through a number of applications (mobile, web & desktop), sites (based on Drupal & CakePHP) and services (sms & apis). My role entailed the formation of a strategic vision and translating that into tangible digital solutions, managing teams of developers and designers, as well as hands-on development on numerous projects.


Key activities

chief tech, product management & development

Technology involved

PHP, HTML, Javascript, SOAP, REST, CakePHP, Drupal, Wordpress, SMF

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